Merchandise management is both an art and a science.

The Buyer in a retail operation provides the art: taste and judgment in selecting product. The fun part!

And now, the Retailers Open-to-Buy Center, a sub-site of The Retail Owners Institute®, makes the science of merchandise management - "How much inventory?" "When?" - available to any retailer, anywhere, 24/7. 

Controlling your inventory is job Number One. This Open-to-Buy Center includes all the training and calculators you'll ever need. Let's get cracking!

Retailers cannot work harder. But you can work smarter! 

The Retailers Open-to-Buy Center is dedicated to making this happen!

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Unlimited Access to The Open-to-Buy Center includes...

Online Open-to-Buy Calculator

Online Calculators for Inventory Buying Plans - By month. By department. By YOU!

MULTI-DEPARTMENT Open-to-Buy Calculator with GMROI

SPEEDY Open-to-Buy Calculator

How-To Articles

Explanatory How-To Articles - Used and loved by retailers worldwide!

Getting Through the Retail Maze with GMROI

The Diamond of Doom: The Costs of Excess Inventory

Merchandise Planning: Back to the Basics

Manage Turnover to Keep Inventory In Shape

How to Cut Inventory – FAST!


Explanatory Webinars from Outcalt & Johnson

Webinars from The Co-Founders – Lively and empowering!

Basics of Turnover and Open-to-Buy Plans

Multi-Department Open-to-Buy Planning

The Power of GMROI

Online Training Course, Open-to-Buy Planning

Online, Self-Paced eLearning Courses – Learn it once. Use it forever!

Projecting Inventory Buys

GMROI – The #1 Measure of Inventory Productivity


Short How-To Videos

Short How-To Video - See it in action!

How to Use SPEEDY Open-to-Buy Calculator



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