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For retailers, inventory is...

...the only thing that makes money for you;

...the thing that takes up most of your time;

...the part of your business that soaks up the most cash.

And something that never seems to be right!

How best to deal with inventory? 

The pros in retailing use "Open-to-Buy" (by some name or another). 

Why? Because an Open-to-Buy...

...can improve margins and profits.

...can reduce the time spent on inventory management.

...can greatly improve cash flow.

...can reduce markdowns by reducing excess inventory.

And, it can help have the right merchandise in your store at the right time...and avoid having excess stock!


Two remarkable online Open-to-Buy Calculators for managing inventory  

How-to instructions built-in

MULTI-DEPARTMENT OTB Calculator with GMROI   |  SPEEDY Open-to-Buy Calculator 


These Open-to-Buy calculators are built for busy retailers like you! 

You don't need your bookkeeper (or your IT guy). Just a few minutes, and your good judgment! Hundreds of retailers already are using them – with NO problems!  You should try them for 5 days...FREE!

We've proven they are easy for retailers to use

Entries go in fast. The formulas are all built-in; no spreadsheets to wrangle. 

The Open-to-Buy Calculators do all the number-crunching "automagically". 

IMMEDIATELY you will see: 

• Monthly Open-to-Buys (how much inventory you should receive each month, maximum) based on your planned sales, margins and turns.

Plus, the key number: resulting Ending Inventories for each month. Too high? Too low?

Plus, the driver: see for yourself how inventory turnover affects all of inventory management.

Plus, projected GMROI for that plan – the #1 productivity tool in retailing.

• Even compare your plan to Benchmarks for any of 53 retail segments.

All built in! You can't break it!

Now, you can delegate the buying with confidence. For as little as 41¢ a day! click to see WHY

But don't stop there!

The real power is comparing your choices, before you place any orders! 

The Big Guys call this "financial modeling." 

We call it, "Hmm. Wonder what would happen if I...?" click here | see more 



There is no better or faster way

for retailers to  guide and monitor inventory control!


The MULTI-Department OTB Calculator with GMROI

It's dynamic.

Perfect for comparing "what if...?"

Perfect for controlling inventory!

About time!



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SPEEDY Open-to-Buy Calculator

Available with SPECIAL ACCESS Plan

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Want to better understand Open-to-Buys and inventory control?

You are in the right place! 

Whether you need a quick refresher on the basic 4-part formula for Open-to-Buy, want a better understanding of why turnover rate matters, or want to put the power of GMROI to work in your stores, this is the place for you! 

The Retailer's Open-to-Buy Center includes a collection from The Retail Owners Institute® of The ROI's most popular resources and tools on inventory control. 

No matter which Open-to-Buy Calculator you choose – the SPEEDY Open-to-Buy Calculator version or the more advanced MULTI-DEPARTMENT OTB Calculator with GMROI – you also get access to a specialized inventory control How-To Kit. 

Perfect for refreshing yourself on the basics, or, helping you train your people. 

From lively webinars to helpful how-to articles and online training courses, you'll have all the training you need to take full advantage.

All this exclusively about Open-to-Buy. And all with the promise that "Everyone will 'get it!'"

Retailer-friendly pricing!

Unlimited online access to each of our proprietary Open-to-Buy Calculators includes access to a How-and-Why Kit focused on inventory management and control.

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We agree; our two online Open-to-Buy Calculators are remarkable. And the proprietary content about inventory control in the Retailer's Open-to-Buy Center is unmatched.

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Take advantage for yourself!

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