Who's behind the Retailer's Open-to-Buy Center?

This Retailer's Open-to-Buy Center has been developed by Pat Johnson and Dick Outcalt, principals of Outcalt & Johnson: Retail Strategists, LLC and Co-Founders, The Retail Owners Institute®click for more about the Co-Founders

The Retail Owners Institute, a web-based resource at RetailOwner.com, has served independent retailers worldwide, 24/7, since 1999. Now the "foremost self-help resource" on retail finance, The ROI is particularly relevant to owners and decision-makers of retail operations with up to 100 stores (especially those who may be accounting-averse!)  

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Retailer's Open-to-Buy Center



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Retailer's Open-to-Buy Center

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All of the how-to information, tools and resources at the Open-to-Buy Center have been developed by and are the copyrighted and proprietary intellectual property of The Retail Owners Institute® – RetailOwner.com – and Outcalt & Johnson: Retail Strategists, LLC – www.OutcaltJohnson.com.


Patricia M. Johnson and Richard F. Outcalt, the principals of OJRS, are the Co-Founders of The ROI and all of its associated Retail STRATA:G® microsites.