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Each plan includes unlimited online access to a proprietary Open-to-Buy Calculator with GMROI, plus how-to online training on inventory management and control. 


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Open-to-Buy Center rates

Used by hundreds of retailers worldwide!

We agree; our two online Open-to-Buy Calculators are remarkable. And the proprietary content about inventory control in the Retailer's Open-to-Buy Center is unmatched.


But, the full value of all this depends on retailers like you actually using it! 


So, we decided to make it easy and inexpensive for retailers everywhere to use it all. That's why the prices are so low, what we call Retailer-friendly!


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Why wait? Start today! Gain better control of your inventory. Enjoy the peace of mind that can come with improved cash flow and higher margins!


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SPECIAL Access Plan includes:

Online Calculator for Inventory Buying Plans - Automagically!

SPEEDY Open-to-Buy Calculator


Explanatory How-To Articles - Used and loved by retailers worldwide!

Merchandise Planning: Back to the Basics

Manage Turnover to Keep Inventory In Shape

How to Cut Inventory – FAST!

Webinar from The Co-Founders - Lively and empowering!

Basics of Turnover and Open-to-Buy Plans


Online, Self-Paced eLearning Course - Learn it once. Use it forever!

Projecting Inventory Buys


Short How-To Video - See it in action!

How to Use SPEEDY Open-to-Buy Calculator

Frequently Asked Questions 

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