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Merchandise management is both art and science.

The Buyer in a retail operation provides the art: taste and judgment in selecting product. The fun part!

And now, the Retailers Open-to-Buy Center, a sub-site of The Retail Owners Institute®, makes the science of merchandise management, the numbers part -– "How much inventory?" "When?!" – available to any retailer, anywhere, 24/7. 

(And yes, we even make it fun, too!)

Controlling your inventory is job Number One for an Owner. This Open-to-Buy Center includes all the training and calculators you'll ever need. Let's get cracking!

Retailers cannot work harder. But you can work smarter! 

The Retailers Open-to-Buy Center is dedicated to making this happen!

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The Remarkable Calculators

These Open-to-Buy calculators are built for busy retailers like you!

You don't need your bookkeeper (or your IT person.) Just a few minutes, and your good judgment!

Hundreds of retailers already are using them – with NO problems!  How-to instructions built-in.

We've proven they are easy for retailers to use.

Entries go in fast. The formulas are all built-in; no spreadsheets to wrangle.

The Open-to-Buy Calculators do all the number-crunching "automagically." 

Now, you can delegate the buying with confidence.

But don't stop there!

The real power is comparing your choices, before you place any orders! (click to see HOW)

The Big Guys call this "financial modeling." We call it, "Hmm. Wonder what would happen if I...?


Okay, with an Open-to-Buy plan in hand, put on your Buyer's hat: it's time for the ART of buying!

  • You now have a budget, some boundaries of how much to buy, and when
  • Now you can focus on selecting the very best merchandise and getting the very best terms. 

And, as the season goes along, you the owner can keep monitoring how you're doing. 

  • Meeting the sales plan?
  • Hitting the ending inventory targets?

If you find that some adjustments are needed, you can compare outcomes in advance before placing any orders. All on your own, in retail time, whenever you need it.

Terrific peace of mind for any owner!

☞  There is no better or faster way
for retailers to  guide and monitor inventory control!


The MULTI-Department OTB Calculator with GMROI

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  • Monthly inventory buying plans. Easy and fast for retailers to use.
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    Monthly inventory buying plans. Easy and fast for retailers to use.

SPEEDY Open-to-Buy Calculator

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  • Nothing to download or install. Retailer friendly!
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    Nothing to download or install. Retailer friendly!

Dynamic planning tool


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Unlimited Access to The Open-to-Buy Center includes...

Online Open-to-Buy Calculator

Online Calculators for Inventory Buying Plans - By month. By department. By YOU!

MULTI-DEPARTMENT Open-to-Buy Calculator with GMROI

SPEEDY Open-to-Buy Calculator

How-To Articles

Explanatory How-To Articles - Used and loved by retailers worldwide!

Getting Through the Retail Maze with GMROI

The Diamond of Doom: The Costs of Excess Inventory

Merchandise Planning: Back to the Basics

Manage Turnover to Keep Inventory In Shape

How to Cut Inventory – FAST!


Explanatory Webinars from Outcalt & Johnson

Webinars from The Co-Founders – Lively and empowering!

Basics of Turnover and Open-to-Buy Plans

Multi-Department Open-to-Buy Planning

The Power of GMROI

Online Training Course, Open-to-Buy Planning

Online, Self-Paced eLearning Courses – Learn it once. Use it forever!

Projecting Inventory Buys

GMROI – The #1 Measure of Inventory Productivity


Short How-To Videos

Short How-To Video - See it in action!

How to Use SPEEDY Open-to-Buy Calculator



Frequently Asked Questions

See all the FAQs about our Open-to-Buy Calculators

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