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Compare Calculators

See more about each of these retailer-friendly online calculators.

See how quickly you can be playing "what if...?" about your inventory buying. Compare the outcomes of your choices before you place the orders!


MULTI-Department OTB Calculator with GMROI

Available with DELUXE ACCESS Plan

click each image to enlarge

Monthly inventory buying plans. Easy and fast for retailers to use.

Quickly plan for up to 7 departments 

Just a few entries. IMMEDIATE results!

Just a few entries

Adjusts for On-Order Merchandise

On-Order merchandise

See built-in TIPS. Speed your entries!

Built-in TIPS

Easily COMPARE departments

Compare departments

On-Order Tallied for all departments entered

Totals all on-order merchandise

Choose from 53 segments to compare

Compare to Benchmarks

Finished with tweaks? Print and go!

Print and go

DELUXE Open-to-Buy Calculator

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SPEEDY Open-to-Buy Calculator

Available with SPECIAL ACCESS Plan

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  • Nothing to download or install. Retailer friendly!
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    Nothing to download or install. Retailer friendly!